Bible verses in this home page have been paraphrased in order to communicate clearly to the youngest reader and yet preserve the meaning of the Scripture in the original language.

We encourage you to learn more about the Bible and how to live to please God by attending a church where Jesus Christ is honored and the Bible is taught.

Have you ever seen a glove like this? This glove tells a wonderful story, a story of Good News. That is why we call it the GOOD NEWS GLOVE.

Do you like to hear GOOD NEWS? Yes, everyone likes to hear GOOD NEWS.
This glove tells 4 things which God wants you to know. These 4 things just fit on the 4 fingers of this glove and on the 4 fingers of your hand.

LISTEN to this Good News that God wants you to know.

This YELLOW finger tells you GOD LOVES you and has a wonderful PLAN for your life.

This YELLOW finger reminds us of sunlight. God wants us to live in light not in darkness. The Bible tells us that God is LIGHT. God wants to LIGHT our WAY while we live here on earth. God also wants us to live with Him in HEAVEN someday.

The Bible Says:

God so loved the world (that means you and me) that he gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, that everyone who believes in Him will not be separated from God but will live forever. John 3:16. God's Son, Jesus Christ, who left heaven, said: 'I have come that you may have life, a joyful, happy life.' John 10:10.

But - Not all boys and girls have this joyful, happy life.


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