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Here are some of the JavaScript programs I made.
Most of it is to help other members at HTML Help Central Forum, Experts Exchange, Webdeveloper Forum, some are done to improve productivity, and the rest are for fun.

The older scripts can only run on Internet Explorer 5+, and have not been tested in other browsers.

Questions Answered
Overall Points
  1. Simple Quiz (retired)
    This was done for a request from HHC.
    Just a simple JavaScript quiz created with confirm/prompt/alert message boxes.
  2. Three Frames (retired)
    This was done for a request from HHC.
    Three frames - top, main, bottom. Acts like a menu system.
    The frameset can be changed to suit any design.
  3. Select Items, Validate, and E-mail (retired)
    This was done for a request from HHC.
    Took me about 6 hours to program.
  4. JavaScript 'Personality' Test (retired)
    This was done for a request from HHC.
    Just a simple JavaScript quiz using prompt windows.
  5. Archive Viewer Script (retired)
    This was done for a request from HHC.
    Displays the picture based on the selection of a date from a drop-down menu.
    A 'Today' button and form validation is included!
  6. Form With Two Submits
    This was done for a request from HHC.
    A form with two submits, both submitting to different locations,
    one of them calls a special function before submitting.
  7. Singapore NRIC Number Validator Popular!
    Validates Singapore IC numbers.
  8. Random Image Popular!
    This was done for a request from HHC.
    Randomly picks an image for display when page is loaded.
  9. Image View Template
    This was done for a request from HHC.
    Views images in the same new page (which can be customized).
  10. HTML Code Test Page Generator
    You can click on a button to preview the HTML code you type in here.
  11. Image Code Generator Updated on 19/07/08
    You can generate HTML code to display an image.
  12. Help Panel
    Displays a panel on the right, and resizes the windows to fit the screen.
    Created and tested in IE 6. Won't work in IE 7.
  13. Set® Game Solver
    Solves/finds all possible sets in set cards. What is Set® Game?
  14. Set® Game Generator
    Generates and able to solve/find all possible sets in set cards.
    With code generator and answer hiding, so you can post the game to your friends by email, etc.
  15. Play Set® Game! Popular!
  16. Singapore NRIC Number Generator Popular! Updated on 19/07/08
    Generates Singapore IC numbers. Now updated to AJAX-enabled and with copy to clipboard button!
  17. JavaScript 'Paint'
    Just a 'testing' program using WalterZorn's JavaScript graphics functions.
  18. Jump Links
    Simple drop-down menu for 'jumping' to another page (with new window option).
  19. JavaScript Auto Complete (retired)
    Auto complete for JavaScript. Doesn't work the way I intended it to so it has been removed.
  20. USA Map with menu
    This was done for a request from EE.
    Multi-purpose USA map with menu.
  21. FullScreen Image
    This was done for a request from HHC.
    View an image using the entire browser window.
  22. DISC - Personality Assessment Test (retired)
    DISC Personality Assessment Report
  23. Google Domain Search Script
    Use Google search engine for your website/blog! Opens in a new window.
  24. Favorites Script
    This was done for a request from HHC.
    A little useless, but interesting script that allows you to store and edit favorites. If combined with cookie functions to store the favourites it would be great.
  25. SQR Migration Script Generator
    I programmed this to help me generate SQR scripts for my work (database migration). IE only.
  26. Window Mouse Events
    This script tracks the mouse and clicks location on the webpage.
  27. Browser Window
    This script allows you to modify the browser window object.
  28. Windows Live Profile Viewer
    View somebody's profile using their Windows Live ID (email).
  29. Cancel No Select Script
    This was done for my post in HHC.
    How to cancel a script that prevents people from selecting text or right-clicking.
  30. Yahoo! Photos URL Stripper (retired)
    Strips unnecessary stuff from the URL copied from the Yahoo photo album and makes it into a shorter one.
    Update: Yahoo photos is closed down, so this script is obsolete.
  31. Page Refresher Popular!
    Refreshes a page at a specified interval (in seconds). It can be used to keep sending GET requests.
  32. Magic Square Generator
    Generates magic squares of odd-number order, and displays the magic number.
  33. JavaScript Encryptor
    Encrypts / Decrypts using Blowfish algorithm. Google chrome only. (could be used for email encryption)
  34. Authentication Table Generator
    Generates an authentication table for army signals use haha.
  35. Tic Tac Toe
    2-player classic game. AI not included.
  36. Word Scramble Updated on 19/07/08 Popular!
    A word game. Letters are scrambled. Find the word! Moderate to hard difficulty.
    Word list maintained by my brother, Stefan.
  37. TextTwist Solver
    Simple solver for TextTwist© game using web service.
  38. Minutes Generator (retired)
    I programmed this as a work project. Generates minutes.
  39. Table Manipulation
    This was done for a request from WD.
    Hide/Show columns and add/remove rows in tables. IE only?
  40. Expand Select Field Script
    This was done for a request from WD.
    Makes a select field expand to show it's options when on mouseover.
    * Now available as a greasemonkey script!
  41. Alternate Multiplication Method
    Interesting way of doing multiplication, generates a table on how it is done.
  42. Multiply Quiz
    This was done for a request from WD.
    Simple multiplication quiz.
  43. Text Modifier
    This was done for a request from WD.
    Some text functions.
  44. Load Image On Click
    This was done for a request from WD.
    Loads an image after clicking on it.
  45. Custom Dialog Window (retired)
    This was done for a request from WD.
    Opens a custom dialog window.
  46. Fitness Calculator
    Calculates your body fat percentage, body mass index, lean mass weight, and daily protein requirement.
  47. Helper Updated on 19/07/08 Popular!
    This script removes almost everything from the comics view page including ads and the header/footer bar, and puts direct links to the page images so you can use an external plugin to download all images. An option is also included to display all images in order for easier reading.
    Note: This is a Greasemonkey user script. You must have both FireFox and the Greasemonkey plugin enabled to install and use this script.
  48. URL Generator
    Extreme online URL generator. Create a list of thousands of URLs easily for easy download of files with sequential numbers or/and letters. It generates a list of similar addresses using regexp based on the field values you enter.
  49. Othello
    The popular and well-known game.
  50. GPA Calc
    Uses my table row clone format, works in FF, IE and Chrome. Simple calculator made for my friend.
  51. Image Swap
    Proof-of-concept using JavaScript custom objects, works in FF, IE and Chrome. Done for a request in EE.
  52. Wikipedia Userbox Generator
    Form wizard to help you make userboxes for Wikipedia! Loaded with JavaScript and jQuery.
  53. All-Sided Div Scrollbars using JQuery
    Want scrollbars top, left, right and bottom?
  54. Chat Bot User Interface Template
    A simple template for you to add in the chat AI.
  55. Singapore Vehicle Plate Number Validator NEW!!!
    Validates Singapore Vehicle Plate numbers.


Here are some of the PHP programs I made.
The source codes are available for download below.

  1. Folder Images Slideshow
    Gets all images from a folder, and makes it into a slideshow. A live demo can be found on my home page.
  2. Folder Image View Template
    Same as the Image View Template Script, but now PHP is used to grab all the images in the same folder and lists them out for the page.
  3. Friends for Sale Scammer List
    A page listing out scammer details for the Facebook game Friends for Sale. Everything is run using PHP and MySQL, including the admin section, which took more time to program than the main page. I started and completed this project in about a day, including usability and use-case testing. Source code not available for public download.
  4. Hit Generator
    PHP script that helps you clock 'hits' on a particular webpage, causing advertising companies to pay you more for the extra ad impressions. As this script is potentially dangerous, it is password-protected.


Here are some of the ASP programs I made.
The source codes are available for download below.

  1. Raffle Event
    A simple raffle event program. Users can sign up and admin can create new raffle events.


Do not download any programs if you do not have JDK installed on their computer [it translates the bytecode during runtime], and preferably you should also get an IDE like 'JCreator LE' [it makes it easier for you to run the file than having to use command prompt].

  1. Gunbound Calculator (retired)
    I programmed this during my free time in school.
    It is supposed to help those who play Gunbound keep track of their stats. This is not a cheat/hack.
  2. ATrack (retired)
    This is a group project done for my school's year one Java project.
    It beat other submissions to get a distinction. =)
    It's a program that helps teachers mark attendance in school. Has very nice GUI.
  3. Simple Calculator (retired)
    A program that displays the Sum, Product, Difference & Quotient of two numbers.

Other options are available at the Link To Me page.